NAME: Zach Russell
ROLE: Brand Strategy

There’s an old story about Kurt Vonnegut that goes something like: “Back in the mid-1950’s, he was employed by Sports Illustrated, briefly. He reported to work, was asked to write a short piece on a racehorse that had jumped a fence and tried to run away. He stared at the blank piece of paper all morning and then typed, ‘The horse jumped over the [cough] fence,’ and walked out, self-employed again.”

We tell you this not as a parable for what happens when Zach is faced with blank pages, nor as a job post about a potential opening at SI. We tell you this because of how much Zach values doing what he loves. He cut his teeth writing and strategizing and pitching for some of the top advertising agencies in Kansas City, but found a calling in strategy and followed it. It led him here.

His journey is an important one, for he’s the guy creating the strategy, the planning, the Vision behind each brand that comes through HypeLife Brands. He’s the guy figuring out how to turn your passion into the world’s passion.

And he’s the guy who’d love to talk more about it - over a cup of Oddly Correct coffee, of course.

Outside of the office Zach refuels via the works of David Foster Wallace, Colson Whitehead and Don Delillo; Nixon watches; Baldwin Denim; Moleskine; Nike.