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The guys from InnerTitan came to us and wanted us to make them a brand. So we said okay. But the immutable laws of the space-time continuum being what they are, InnerTitan didn't exactly exist just yet. So really, it was two entreprenuers from Texas, one an incredibly-in-shape, way-tougher-than-us bodybuilder and the other an incredibly-in-shape, way-tougher-than-us personal trainer with an idea for a cutting edge, no holds barred nutritional supplement company. And they wanted us to turn that idea into a brand. So we did that first.

Cause look, when two bodybuilders ask you to do something, you do it. Especially when you’re their Agency of Record.

So we gave them a name. We named them Eric. Everyone hated that name. So then we named them InnerTitan. That went over better. Then we created a logo made of letters and shapes and lines and fonts it’s all very intimidating and tough. Then we painted them bright orange (and by paint, we mean mouse-clicked) and laid them down on blacks and whites and grays. We did all of this so that Generation Y would wake up and take notice and work out and sweat a ton and use InnerTitan’s products to refuel and wear InnerTitan’s clothes to work out in and then change into not-sweaty InnerTitan clothes afterward. Oh yeah, we also made them an entire branded apparel line for people to sweat in and swag in and, you know, buy. 

There was other stuff we did, of course. But it's way less boring if you look for yourself:

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