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Make History for a Living

JANUARY 2012 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "Make History for a Living"

While it's hard to believe, another year has passed us by and we're rollin' our way, full steam, into 2012. 

2012's going to be a great year, and I'm incredibly excited to continue our work with a selection of  awesome brands, artists, and entertainers, guiding them through the journey of branding & marketing development. It'll be great to see them all take flight. And we've got a few other surprises up our sleeves as well, but I digress…

Any time a new year starts I naturally get very reflective - (do you really think I sleep on all my flights?) - on what the new year will bring; what we all learned the year before; how far we've come in our agency's past ten years; and most importantly how far our clients have come since we've started working with them months, or often years, ago, helping them continue to build + manifest their brand's power.

Something I've been marinating on lately is the stuff that goes deeper than a brand's basic existence in the world, whatever that "stuff" may be. Yes, your company has offices, it has people, it provides some service(s) or product(s) or ability that's of interest to varying sizes/groups/types of other people. But there has to be more than that to it, right? 

With all the new people + brands I experience during my travels, there's a distinct difference among them. I'm talking about when you experience a brand, or the concept for one, when there's nothing deeper than existence + maintaining as the modus operandi. For me, that's just not good enough. When there's only a thin veil of what with no vision for why, it just isn't compelling. It's not going to make history, it's just going to make money (maybe) so the brand can live to see another day.

Your brand is constantly leaving a mark…it leaves a history in its wake. Even with a beautiful brand identity, poignantly posed brand messaging, etc, the mark your brand is leaving may not measure up to the legacy that you want to create.

To connect to that legacy you've really got to understand why you're doing what you're doing. Regardless of your position at your company - CEO, COO, Marketing Manager, Director of Digital, VP of Marketing, Executive Assistant, etc. Knowing why you're doing it is powerful and helps you connect to the bigger why, the real positioning of your company's brand that will drive that legacy that follows your brand.

In full disclosure, this month's insight was inspired by the following recent tweet I caught from Mr. Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z, which really popped for me: 

I make history for a living.

This is certainly true for Mr. Carter, and it's also true for your brand. You're making history for a living. How does the marketing plan, business plan, positioning, brand identity and strategic partners you surround your brand with every day all lock step with this bigger understanding, this larger purpose.

If you can connect with this concept in your branding + marketing, you’ll connect with a greater power that lies just beneath the surface. There's more to it all than dollars and cents. So…what kind of history is your brand making?


Curt Cuscino
Principal + Lead Brand Navigator
HypeLife Brands (LA | KC)
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