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How Press Releases Help Build a Brand's Reputation (A Long View)

APRIL 2012 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "How Press Releases Help Build a Brand's Reputation (A Long View)"
Building a successful brand isn’t something that happens overnight, it’s an investment an organization has to make with a careful eye to the future. There are many different ways to go about this, and no one way is the silver bullet. Rather, it is the sum of the whole that brings strength in this pursuit.

In the digital age we live in, information comes as quickly as it goes, but that information sticks around for a very long time online, serving as a catalog of your brand’s behavior and happenings, both good and bad. 

One component of building and pro-actively controlling your brand’s reputation can be still be accomplished through that old salty dog, the press release.

Press releases ain’t dead, they’re just different a good way. Placing a release into the informational fishbowl of the web has three significant benefits worth highlighting:

1. It helps establish creditability and legitimacy for your brand. 
No news is not good news when it comes to your brand.

2. Content Creation is king, online.
You should be adding at least 1000 words to your website each month just to stay in the game with search engines and maintain, or better yet, increase your relevancy to the words your customers are searching for (in order to find your brand). Creating press releases not only helps you accomplish this for your website itself (put them in your Press Room section, News section, etc), but also adds those same words potentially over and over and over again on the web outside of your website, all related to your brand, all pointing back to your brand. As with the real world, hearing it from a secondary source is often more powerful than hearing it directly from you. Your releases' pickups are a way for other publications, news outlets and blogs to vouch for your brand and what you want to tell the world. 

3. It is a power-up for your search engine optimization. 

Keeping up healthy levels of content creation also helps your search engine optimization efforts, helping build a cache of relevant keywords, backlinks and an online content library external to your website for the long haul (remember, it’ll be around pretty much forever once it hits the web). Search engine optimization really has to be looked at, planned for and executed for the long view, not the short “how-do-I-get-on-the-first-page-Google-tomorrow” view. This helps you do that.

So before you throw out that press release as a gray-haired, dinosaur of the past in your future branding development and marketing strategy, consider the above. It’s a very powerful tool in the marketing toolbelt. So go forth into the world, and spread the gospel of your brand through the press, they’re waiting to hear from you.



Curt Cuscino
Principal + Lead Brand Navigator
HypeLife Brands