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Christina P. - Marketing/PR

Christina P. - Marketing/PR

Christina is a Texas native. After graduating from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, she left her beloved state to work in the fashion industry in the heart of NYC.

She successfully ran with the social media and sales teams of three high-intensity luxury fashion houses before venturing west due to COVID-19.

Although Manhattan fashion will always have a special place in her heart, she was excited to explore new opportunities in marketing and PR at HypeLife Brands here in California. Christina has helped multiple companies such as bridal designer Naeem Khan, jewelry designer Ranjana Khan, and Valentino take data-driven principles and apply them to modern and in-demand marketing+tech platforms.

As a digital native, she has mastered numerous digital programs ranging from web design & development, automated data collectors, graphic design, finance to social media planners/tools. Her skills in advertising, communication, design, and strategic planning, combined with a sharp eye for aesthetics, slid her right into the marketing world at HypeLife Brands.

Being a D1 college tennis player taught her the diligence and motivation to not only complete, but overachieve at any task served her way.

In Christina’s free time, she will most likely be found on the tennis court, stalking contemporary fashion trends, traveling the world, or snuggled up next to her Miniature Pug and Golden Retriever Puppy.