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    PL: "Hi there, we're based in Houston, Texas and looking to create a totally unique, curated marketplace for indie artisans & makers worldwide. Does that sound like something you could help us with?"

    HLB: "We'd love to!"

    PL: "We're thinking modern, clean, sexy, super easy -- making shopping for unique, modern goods so much easier design-savvy customers and way more friendly to artisans & makers than Etsy."

    HLB: "We like all all of that."

    PL: "More than anything, we want uniqueness to rise to the top. Shoppers should be able to easily navigate among their favorite artisans in search of that unique, totally wow item you can't find anywhere else."

    HLB: "Unique is good, maybe the best of things."

    PL: "We don't have a name for it yet, but when can we start?"

    HLB: "Already have."

    We took the founders' vision and ran with it (at warpspeed). In just 8 months, we created the brand, built a community around it, and launched this unqiue startup to the world in 2014 and it's still going strong today. Take a look at the results at

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