Lovebug Speed Dating

Lovebug Speed Dating - Denver, Colorado
Lovebug Speed Dating - Denver, Colorado
Lovebug Speed Dating - Denver, Colorado
Lovebug Speed Dating - Denver, Colorado
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A Love Connection, of Sorts

Working with startups all the time, it turns out our clients are a lot alike. So many of them are crazy busy and tired and stressed and the last thing they want to do is take some ‘me-time’ and work on themselves.

Funny enough, the guys from Lovebug Speed Dating (Denver, CO) came to us with an idea for just those kinds of people — people who, when it comes to finding love, don’t want to go through the hassle and time-suck of finding that needle in the soulmate haystack. They want meaningful, personal connections that are worthy of their time investment.

And well, if Lovebug was on the hunt for their marketing soulmate, then you could say we were the first connection to come from this venture. We were smitten, by the challenge.

Relationship Material

Lovebug was formed to solve the frustration and guesswork of fake profile pics, questionable intentions, and the lack of in-person intimacy inherent in today’s dating scene. By hosting intimate, exclusive events, attendees can meet everyone in equal measure.

To make sure everyone was looking their best, we initiated a full-scale brand overhaul, with initial focus given to expanding upon their minimum viable product microsite. We also developed and refined their brand image with a new brandmark, an updated look & feel and a refreshed messaging platform. The result was a better user experience (UX), with focus given to quicker, easier and more intuitive event registration.

And while this may sound like a lot, we’re really just getting started. Because we all know that after the newness period ends, the real work begins. So here’s to a fruitful, long-term relationship between Lovebug, HypeLife, and the many singles of the city of Denver.


To be successful and efficient in this space, we set out to be hyper-targeted in our outreach, right out of the gate. The results reflect that emphasis:

  • Email open rates averaging between 25-30%
  • PPC click-thru-rates near 4% combined with an impression share of over 90% of our target demographic
  • Key partnerships with trendy event sites in downtown Denver
  • Many, many connections made IRL 
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