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Cloud Working is the Future, and Millennials Know It

DECEMBER 06, 2016 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "Cloud Working is the Future, and Millennials Know It"


Many millennials will have grown up using Cloud services without realising it, in the form of email and social media accounts, and so will very often expect organisations to be using Cloud-based systems as standard. Not only that, many will be actively discouraged from working at a company that is not innovating its technology, and sometimes will even prioritise the availability of cloud enabled working practices over their salary:

Here are five of the top reasons millennials support cloud working.

1) They are used to having access to information anywhere, at any time - and they like it that way.

Over recent years there has been a greater shift in the workplace towards creating a greater work/life balance for employees, and flexible working is a big part of this. One of the most common reasons cited by millennials for wanting to leave their jobs was a lack of flexibility in working practices. By adopting Cloud systems and ways of working, you empower your workforce to become more productive.

There remains a strong perception that people are most productive in the office and at their desks, but this is simply not true. Businesses need to realise that it is the person who is productive, not the device or the location. By allowing your employees to work flexibly, in the best environment for them, at a time that is most productive for them, it you can vastly increase your team's productivity.

Tools like Office 365 allow your team to securely access files and data, collaborate, and communicate from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. With Office 365, everywhere is your office, and your team can make better use of their time, such as updating documents on the cafe Wi-Fi while they are waiting for their train. Valuable time that would otherwise be wasted, suddenly becomes productive time, and believe me, those hours add up!

2) They like using a wide range of devices and systems

Millennials are tech savvy multi-taskers: A recent study has shown that on average, they switch their attention between media platforms like laptops, smart phones, tablets, and television a whopping 27 times per hour! They are used to working flexibly, on a broad range of devices and systems, and to having the information they need at their fingertips at all times.

Millennials want and expect the same user experience and functionality across every device and platform…[read the full article at]