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Meet 'Clever', Architectural Digest’s Spin-Off for Millennials

FEBRUARY 27, 2018 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "Meet 'Clever', Architectural Digest’s Spin-Off for Millennials"

Millennials Seek a Convenient Guide to Decorating

Architectural Digest has long been the go-to source for luxury decor and high-end architecture fanatics, traditionally targeting an older audience, with an average reader age of 53. An audience, who has the means to spend on high-end home décor. But focusing on an older demographic has led to a void in providing economical decorating options for Millennials.

Enter a wise pivot from Architectural Digest: Clever.

Clever indeed, the new spinoff website has the same objective as Architectural Digest but offers a fresh and approachable online resource for Millennials to get decorating advice. The site offers a range of tips for DIY projects and how-to videos that a Millennial can tackle in a budget-friendly way.

Clever is spearheaded by Amy Astley, previously the Editor-in-Chief at Teen Vogue. Since taking over as Editor-in-Chief at Architectural Digest in 2016, Astley pushed to expand the reader segment to those younger than 40 years old.

Opening the door to a larger demographic, Clever successfully connects with the Millennial generation.

Millennials Appreciate Interior Design Just as Much as Previous Generations

Clever will operate independently from Architectural Digest, focusing primarily on Millennial readers that are experiencing big lifestyle shifts, such as moving into an apartment post-college or a young couple purchasing their first home.

The goal is to provide useful information for real-life situations that Millennials experience, such as how to deal with contractors, design advice, and handling roommate situations.

Clever speaks to the needs of Millennials when it comes to home and décor living. Articles, videos, and tips center around being young and how to handle the lifestyle situations Millennials face daily.

In connecting with the Millennial generation, social media will be a key part of the strategy to pull readers to Clever’s site.  Among other tactical approaches, Clever plans to post videos on social media as a sneak peek of what the website offers the younger generation.

To further entice Millennials to become loyal Clever readers, there will be special guest appearances by celebrities and design experts such as Jessica Alba and Nate Berkus. To further drive traffic to Clever, Architecture Digest will advertise its new spin-off via its own social channels, website, and print ads.

Brands Target Millennial Design Enthusiasts

Clever not only focuses on a new demographic of design enthusiasts but also opens the door to a whole new set of brands targeting young, cost-conscious décor lovers. Brands such as Pottery Barn, Lowe’s and Target will be featured as they are in the right price range for those just starting out and wanting to add to their home furnishings.

Although Clever is targeted towards Millennials, the design content is for everyone. It also aims at the reader that is looking to improve their home décor, but on a smaller budget than the typical Architectural Digest reader. A wise move, as being on a budget doesn't mean one has to sacrifice on style.

Clever is a vehicle to bring stylish home decor to the masses, offering people of all ages and incomes design expertise from the convenience of their mobile devices. Bringing a luxury look with a budget-friendly price tag is Clever's mission.

Clever welcomes Millennials to dive in and expand their decorating knowledge within a community of like-minded design enthusiasts.