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Meet /Nyden, A New Addition to the Realm of Millennial Brands

JANUARY 24, 2018 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "Meet /Nyden, A New Addition to the Realm of Millennial Brands"

/Nyden Joins the Growing List of Millennial Brands Spun Off from Major Retailers

H&M launches a new label addition to its family of sister brands that will focus on Millennials.  The new label, set to premiere in early 2018, is called /Nyden which combines the two Swedish words: “ny” and “den,” meaning “new” and “it.”  The forward slash logo is designed to make a daring and straightforward statement of “co-creation.”

Oscar Olson -- part of the H&M family since 2013 -- will lead the /Nyden brand targeting Millennial consumers.  /Nyden plans to take a unique approach with the label by engaging “tribe leaders” and “co-creating” clothing instead of having one big-name designer.  Olsson believes that for any brand, the power is not in their hands and that they need to embrace that.

Millennials Brands are Creating New Paths

Two "tribe leaders" already dedicated to /Nyden are tattoo artist Doctor Woo and actress Noomi Rapace.  /Nyden plans to step away from its sister-brand's and follow its own path focusing on young people.  To stand out from H&M’s other labels, they will not follow “trends, seasons, or the Fashion week calendar.”

Availability of the clothing line will be limited to online shoppers and pop-up events.  In step with providing fashion affordability, /Nyden will be priced as "affordable luxury."  Millennials will have to wait to get a glimpse of /Nyden’s fashion but rumors are /Nyden will offer Cali-friendly style apparel.

See for Yourself

For a glimpse of /Nyden's teaser video and future brand updates, visit their website, enter your email, and you will be "welcomed to the tribe".  

Time will tell if /Nyden will successfully attract and connect with young people, and how they will truly differentiate themselves  from other Millennial brands.