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Marketing to Millennials: Turn Your Performance into a Brewery Party

JANUARY 11, 2017 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "Marketing to Millennials: Turn Your Performance into a Brewery Party"

Emily Schoen has found that one way to market dance to millennials is to turn your performance into a party.
Source: What gets 20-somethings to dance performances? It’s the million-dollar question on the minds of presenters, directors, dancers—basically anyone who has a stake in the future of our field. One possible answer? Turn your performance into a party. Last week I went to a show at the Brooklyn Brewery put on by Keigwin + Company dancer Emily Schoen, who runs her own small troupe, Schoen Movement Company. For the price of a ticket, you also got a free beer and a free dance class the next day taught by the choreographers themselves. Sure, lots of dance companies produce site-specific work. And others offer free beer after the show or during intermission. But here, the audience—almost entirely made up of millennials—sipped their drinks and ate food from a pop-up BBQ stand (yes, this is Brooklyn) as they followed the dancers around the space, kind of like an immersive show, but more informal. “Drink breaks” were built into the program. And, keeping costs down, instead of a paper program, you could look up info…[read the full article at]

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