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Millennials, Hoping to Find Real Connections, Ban the Booze

MAY 03, 2017 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "Millennials, Hoping to Find Real Connections, Ban the Booze"

"Sober dinners and parties are popping up across the country, tapping into an itch from Millennials to find purpose, even in their night life." Source: It's not really about the meal at the monthly Conscious Family Dinner, although there is plenty of vegan Indian food. You can spend time in a cuddling sanctuary, sit down with a tarot reader, chat career goals with a life coach or sit in on an acro-yoga sex psychotherapy presentation. And there's almost always some form of dancing. But what's inconspicuously missing is alcohol. Creator Ben Rolnik says the dinners are about creating a new form of play that facilitates meaningful connections, not the vapid chitchat that often proliferates at cocktail parties or bars. The reception to the dry dinners, held at various spots in Los Angeles but expanding soon nationwide, has been impressive, with each of the 200-person event selling out. Tickets cost about $35. "It's like a journey more than a dinner," said Rolnick, a 26-year-old yogi and former talent manager. Similar parties are popping up across the country, notably in... [read the full article at]

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