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Millennial Moms are Asked 9.6 Times a Month For Recommendations

DECEMBER 02, 2017 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "Millennial Moms are Asked 9.6 Times a Month For Recommendations"

One in five moms is a Millennial and according to an extensive study by Goldman-Sachs.  Millennial moms are more likely to provide opinions and report they are asked, on average, 9.6 times per month for a product recommendation. So, meet her where she is with your brand’s message and an incentive for her to try and experience your product for the first time, make it easy for her to share, and reward her for repeat purchases.

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Everyone wants to earn their fair share of the $2.4 trillion of spending power moms hold in the palm of their hands. One in five moms is a Millennial and according to an extensive study by Goldman-Sachs, the average age of first-time mothers is closer to 30 years old than ever before, meaning they are on the older end of the millennial age bracket. Millennial moms are older, more experienced and more educated (a record number hold college degrees) than previous generations when they become a mother, factors that should be taken into consideration — but, as marketers and retailers, we’re missing the mark.

Why? Millennial moms say they feel overlooked and as you’ll see in the results of a recent Inmar study, we’re certainly underleveraging them. A study we conducted with 2,200 interviews per month via a nationwide online survey uncovered some interesting data…[read the full article at]

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