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Millennial Women: Balancing Work & Parenting, a New Paradigm

FEBRUARY 17, 2018 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "Millennial Women: Balancing Work & Parenting, a New Paradigm"

Why Millennial Women are Feeling in Control 

When thinking about the traditional stay-at-home mom, Millennial moms are not the first thing that comes to mind for most. Instead, we may think back to our mom or grandmother and their generations' way of doing things: being full-time moms busy raising the kids and all-around homemakers, as their main and only contributions to the family unit.

But, Millennial women are now changing the definition of what it means to be a stay-at-home mom (SAHM for you acronym lovers) and showing that the modern mom can have both a career and raise her children, all from the comfort of her home.

Millennial women are the first generation of mothers to be raised as mostly digital natives, with technology making the internet, social media, online shopping, and everything in between readily available and a natural, interwoven part of their daily lifestyles.

Technology has made the ability to work anytime, anywhere, a possibility, enabling Millennial women to work from home like never before. Young moms can now not just take care of their children; they can also successfully earn a living simultaneously, unlike any prior generation.

Millennial Women Choose to Stay at Home 

Before the Millennial generation, the number of women working outside the home doubled and grew steadily. At that time, a woman had to work outside of the home if she hoped to have a career. But technology has changed that drastically for professional Millennial women, with an increase of young moms choosing to stay at home and working remotely.

Women now have more choices, enabling them to care for their children at home (by choice), and contribute to the family's income. Millennial women don't have to choose one or the other like generations before; they can have both and manage them equally and successfully.

Most young moms feel that caring for their children is the most gratifying job. They are confident that with the tools of technology, they can redefine what it means to be a working, stay-at-home mom.

Finding Stability as a Working Mom

Millennial Women are staying at home to be with their kids because they want to, not because they have to.

Although there may seem to be fewer job opportunities, Millennial women aren't letting that stop them. They are re-inventing the job description of the modern, Millennial working mom. Flexibility and convenience are driving moms to work from home, finding satisfaction in balance.

Thanks to technology across most industries now in the palm of their hands -- often a thumb-tap away while balancing baby -- many have even been able to take their hobbies and turn them into thriving work-from-home cottage businesses or even bigger.

This has empowered Millennial women to now be able to contribute not only with managing the kids and homemaking but also participating in the "breadwinning" for their family...without missing out on the special milestones of their child's development.