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Study: Millennials Buying More Ford SUVs Because of Eco-Friendliness

FEBRUARY 06, 2017 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "Study: Millennials Buying More Ford SUVs Because of Eco-Friendliness"

According to a Ford-backed study in Europe, Millennials are expressing more interest in purchasing SUVs because they see them as being more environmentally sound.

Ford prides itself on having its finger firmly on the pulse of what’s hep and happening with kids today. Ford knows that Millennials love being socially-conscious, love to share and borrow whether it be ride-sharing or renting, fancy streaming digital media, and love doing what they can to reduce their impact on the environment.

Ford also finds that Millennials are increasingly likely to purchase SUVs—one in four Millennials shopping for new vehicles say that there is an SUV on their list, according to a Ford-sponsored survey of 5,000 people aged 17-34 in Europe.

And while the reputation of the SUV as a gas-guzzling land beast might seem to run counter to the idea of the eco-conscientious Millennial, the same study also reveals that 80% of Millennials believe that SUVs have become more fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly in the past five years, ostensibly taking some of the guilt out of purchasing an SUV…[read the full article at]