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HypeLife Brands Ushers in New Year with Call to Change

Branding and marketing agency issues challenge to treat each day like New Year's Day; urges brands to do things differently than last year, despite success.

Los Angeles, CA. January 14, 2014 - Lose weight. Eat healthy. Read more. Spend less. New Year's resolutions have become a staple of modern society, and so has abandoning them one month later. But that's why HypeLife Brands has issued a unique, renewable challenge to its network of clients and contacts: Treat every day like New Year's.

For the Los Angeles-based branding and marketing agency, one of the hallmarks of its message to clients has always been differentiation. In other words, doing things differently than competitors. But now it appears they're taking things a step further by challenging brands, even if they had wild success the previous year, to change.

"We're finding more and more that with waning attention spans and the continued saturation of social media, brands are having to do so much to stand out," says brand strategist, Zach Russell. "And a lot of that starts with switching things up year after year.

"But there's also good business sense behind that line of thinking, and solid precedent, too. Just look at Apple," says Russell. "What if they had stopped after the iPod and just enjoyed all their success? The best brands are constantly evolving and innovating, despite any success they've had."

In practice, the theory is a pretty straightforward one, especially when considering the idea behind New Year's resolutions. The idea is to get better, to find an aspect about oneself that can be improved. For HypeLife Brands, the principle holds true for companies and brands as well. And for an agency that specializes in engaging Millennials, perhaps the most elusive market, it's especially important to shake things up.

"For most brands, the most sought after group of people is Generation Y, but at the same time, it's increasingly difficult to get their attention, let alone keep it," says Russell. "A one-time success will keep them interested for a little while, but if you want brand advocates for the long-term, you better be coming out with something new and different with great frequency.

"If you don't, you'll lose them. Simple as that."

Except that for brands, the process might not be so simple. In fact, it may mean planning a couple of years in advance. It may mean several campaigns are going on at once to target different markets or services. Brands like Geico are already dabbling in this, as they're consistently running two to three broadcast campaigns simultaneously. But what it absolutely means is doing things differently, no matter a brand's level of success.


HypeLife Brands is a leading brand development + precision marketing agency dedicated to helping brands engage the Millennial generation. HypeLife serves a select roster of clients across the U.S. with a focus on disruptive lifestyle brands and start-ups in industries such as surf, apparel, insurance, film & entertainment, and world-changers.

Founded in 2001, the agency is headquartered in coastally-located Oceanside, California's Downtown Arts District.

Learn more about HypeLife Brands and their laser-focus on Millennial Marketing at