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HypeLife Brands Breaks Down Nothing About Miley Cyrus Except Her Worldwide Dominance of Everything, and How It Happened

Millennial marketing agency discusses branding strategy at work behind the Miley Cyrus phenomenon, and points to the reasons why it's working so well.

HypeLife Brands Breaks Down Nothing About Miley Cyrus Except Her Worldwide Dominance of Everything, and How It Happened
Los Angeles, CA. October 30, 2013 - HypeLife Brands has a message for all those familiar with Miley Cyrus and the starring role she now inhabits in the cultural landscape: Pay attention – this is marketing at its finest. In fact, the branding and marketing agency recently published an article urging readers not to dismiss the hype surrounding this ubiquitous pop star. Rather, take heed – there is more at play here than meets the eye.


Aimed at helping brands engage Millennials (Generation Y), HypeLife Brands is no stranger to publicity campaigns and the million dollar marketing machines set up to make He or She Superstar famous. But according to HypeLife, this one seemed different, almost perfect in its combination of effectiveness and continuity of message.

Key to this success was the ability to reach a younger audience, the group most likely to grab hold of an idea and share it. As Zach Russell, Brand Strategist at HypeLife Brands, notes, "There's a common misperception that Generation Y doesn't want to be marketed to," says Russell. "But they do.

"Millennials can be the most loyal brand advocates out there. The road to engagement begins with content, events, etc., that make the marketing efforts feel different from what they're used to. And that's exactly what this Miley marketing and PR effort is all about."

As HypeLife notes, this isn't a campaign of ads. There's no sales pitch. There's no buy-in. It's all about pushing a strategic, cohesive message that's, above all, entertaining. HypeLife Brands reached out to those in their network to talk about this most recent example of marketing because it represents another example in the long-changing shift away from traditional media.

Recent trends show big dollars are still spent in traditional outlets like television and print, but that sharing and 'viral buzz' – a now-common goal of most brands – occur outside of these channels, often in entirely free platforms where Millennials are most apt to share something they find interesting. HypeLife Brands has written before about doing engaging work, about telling a story first and foremost as a means to engaging this sought-after 18-32 market. Cyrus is simply the latest, best-executed example of this strategy being played out on the biggest stage.

So while many out there continue to watch in awe of Cyrus's latest stunt or picture or public appearance, HypeLife Brands urges careful attention and study. There's a strategy at work here, and for brands of all sizes, there's a lot to learn.


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