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The Key to Marketing to Millennials Is Passionate Influencing

DECEMBER 29, 2019 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "The Key to Marketing to Millennials Is Passionate Influencing"

Millennials make up an unprecedentedly large purchasing generation. And if you can't influence them, you're going to have trouble staying relevant.


87 million individuals in the United States comprise the Millennial Generation. They’re far larger and more diverse than the Baby Boomers before them and their purchasing power is subsequently unmatched. Your company must engage millennials if you want a chance at long-term economic viability. So, how do you make that happen?

The short answer is passion. But, the way that passion is communicated could vary from market to market. This article focuses on how businesses with an online presence can communicate passion online.

The Friends and Family Discount

One of the ways passion for a product is communicated is through referrals from friends and family. Buzz, popularity, having the “it” factor; whatever you want to call it, generating a flurry of mentions by your target market’s personal influencers(friends, family, and the people they interact with on a regular basis) can mean major rewards.

The strongest way to get the message across that your product or service is amazing involves getting it in the hands of those in your target demo. If influencers have your product, those that follow them will begin to feel the social pressure to follow suit. Marketers, Brand Analysts (plenty of opportunities here by the way, if you're just entering the field of brand or marketing, or are a displaced expert post- COVID-19), Brand Strategists and these types of roles can be a critical piece of determining just exactly who that "target demographic" actually is, and in turn, what influencers fit in the right pockets and right platforms based on those target demos.

Free product giveaways are one way to get the ball moving on this, but the millennial generation will only keep using your product or service if it’s dramatically better than the currently hip alternative. So, based on my experience, I think you’ll find better traction with a social media referral program.

Social Media Referral Program

You need to show millennials that their friends and family are passionate about your product or service.

To do this, you need to…[read the full article at]