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Why Millennials are Nixing Going Out in Favor of Staying In

JULY 25, 2018 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "Why Millennials are Nixing Going Out in Favor of Staying In"

Millennials are Trading Going Out for Chill Nights at Home

Wild, late nights out are no longer the first choice for weekend plans, say Millennials, but rather chill nights hanging in the comfort of one’s home. Millennials increasingly prefer to do things from the ease of their couch, whether that is online shopping, use of dating apps or watching movies. The lifestyle switch to home-centered-everything is now evident with the percentage of Millennials choosing a night in over hitting the bars and dancing the night away.

Research from Mintel reports that 28% of young Millennials (aged 24-31) are choosing to drink at home instead of going out because going out takes too much effort. And they are not alone. Fifty-five percent of all Americans are also on board with preferring to drink at home instead of at a bar or restaurant.

In fact, this trend appears to be increasing as Americans are drinking away from home 18% less than even a year ago. Instead of being in a loud, crowded or annoying bar environment, 74% of Millennials are choosing to stay in to drink because it is much more relaxing. In addition to wanting a mellow spot to have a cocktail, 69% find it less expensive and 35% feel it is more personal.

Millennials Are Looking for a Unique Experience

While Millennials might dish out for luxuries such as avocado toast, the main reason they are choosing to stay in is to save money. Bars might find it hard to compete with unlimited Netflix viewing and a bargain-priced bottle of wine right at home.

But when Millennials do go out, they are more likely to fork out more cash on a swanky cocktail. If they are to put in the effort of going out, then it might as well be a unique, enjoyable experience worth getting off of the couch for.

Millennials may not drink out as often as other generations, but when out, they desire a unique drinking experience with higher quality spirits. This is largely due to Millennials maturing, having more disposable income, and finding that their tastes are evolving.

It might explain why bar and restaurant alcohol sales are growing despite less volume being consumed. Millennials are trading up for quality and an experience that they can’t find at home. Pop-up bars with that Instagram-worthy feel boost the "cool" factor, making the experience worth venturing out for.

Millennials Find Appeal in a DIY Night In

In search of a more personal and budget-friendly night out, Millennials are finding the perfect balance at home by mixing up some drinks and playing board games with friends. They find it a better social fit than having to scream over loud music to hang out with friends at a club or bar.

The Millennial generation is very much about DIY activities, whether they be crafts, or cooking and entertaining at home. Pulling inspiration from social media, Millennials are designing their own special nights in involving cooking parties and fun drink creations with friends, providing a more laid back and intimate feel to the weekend activities.

There will always be Millennials who crave dressing up and going out, but data shows that staying in for the night is no longer considered as uncool, and that a preference to socialize at home is in fact a growing trend.