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The Real Reason Why Millennials Aren't Going to Church

MAY 03, 2017 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "The Real Reason Why Millennials Aren't Going to Church"

"It's no secret that Millennials aren't going to church, but it's not Jesus they're rejecting, it's something else."


Millennials are leaving church at record numbers and they are described as America's least religious generation. But while they may be highly skeptical of religion, they are still thirsty to find meaning in life.

Studies show it isn't Jesus they're rejecting, they're rejecting churches that aren't making themselves relevant to Millennial culture. Researcher and president of LifeWay Christian Resources Thom Rainer says three things matter the most to Millennials: content, authenticity, and quality.

They Want Rich Content

While many churches think they need flashing lights and a worship concert to attract the younger generation, Rainer says that is simply not true. Millennials want a worship service that is contemplative and theologically rich.

"They desire to sing those songs that reflect deep biblical and theological truths," Rainer says. "Millennials speak less and less about worship style. Their focus is on theologically rich music."

Millennials also want their churches to clearly communicate these theological truths through strategic signage and other means.

"More philosophically, Millennials want to be able to answer the questions 'Where am I?' and 'What's expected of me?' by looking for cues in their surroundings," says Barna Group President David Kinnaman.

They Don't Want to Be Lied To

Another thing that will bring millennials into church is basic authenticity.

"Our generation has been advertised at our whole life, and even now... [read the full article at]