NAME: Curt Cuscino
ROLE: Founder & Principal

PROFILE: Curt is Founder and Principal of HypeLife Brands. Established in 2001, his agency has employed a cutting-edge, progressive approach to creating powerful, engaging brands for clients of all sizes – from start-ups and entrepreneurs armed with a great idea to multi-billion dollar corporations looking to refresh their global presence.

Like his agency, Curt is a bonafide cultural sponge, both by nature and through relentless effort. He is a diligent student of both above- and underground trends in music, fashion, art, film, social media, branding, marketing and technology — and has worked tirelessly to build a life where interest and industry intersect. Having established an agency presence in two timezones (Los Angeles and New York City), work and passion now overlap daily in pursuit of the next big thing.

At HypeLife Brands, one eye is always on the future, and at the forefront of that vision is Curt, channeling one-of-a-kind experiences and knowledge to fuel his brand strategy, creative, and technology teams, all while educating clients on the ever-changing landscape known simply as Brand.