Decreased Bounce Rate from 50% to less than 1% in 30 days

In just 30 days, we decreased the bounce rate of Techvestor's domain to less than 1% and have kept it there for 8+ straight months (and counting), with increasing paid media/advertising spend along the way.

Over $5M Raised in Our First 8 Months, Over $70M in Assets Under Management 2+ Years Later

Through scaling our focused lead & demand generation efforts, we've helped Techvestor raise over $5M in new investments from investors across the U.S. in just our first 8 months of working together. Now, 2+ years later as Agency of Record, Techvestor has over $70M in assets under management (and counting).

The BackStory

Techvestor offers a growing, diversified, and highly-profitable, portfolio fund of short-term rental (STR) investment properties across the U.S.

The investment offering is aimed at those in the tech space, and those who even simply consider themselves tech-savvy, who want to invest in short-term rentals while gaining tax-advantaged cashflow. Techvestor does all the work and investors collect a check every quarter.

All in all, it's a pretty simple concept, honestly.

Also offered is an "airbnb in a box" solution to those who want to invest in the short-term rental space with an offering of their own, but know that buying that sweet spot two miles from their house and worrying if the towels got changed between guests is not part of the "road to success" when it comes to this type of investment.

Founded by a former Facebook employee and former Apple employee, Techvestor is bringing big change to the short-term rental investment space through its unique offering, powered by Big Data and a super ultra-savvy team.

As Agency of Record since November 2021, we've been tasked with lead and demand generation efforts primarily for the investing outfit, and through our ongoing, holistic 360-degree marketing and advertising efforts, we have helped them gain well over $5M in new investments in just eight short months (the minimum investment starts at $25k). Additionally, in our last 2.5+ years as Agency of Record, we've helped them reach over $70M+ in total assets under management from retail investors.

We're excited for the road ahead with this group and continue to help investors beat the market with this new, exciting emerging asset class.

Sief Khafagi, Partner Techvestor


"Where do I start? Hands down, best in class in EVERY way. I met Curt through a friend and little did I know it would be the start of something special. We instantly clicked when it came to business and marketing. He understands the goals and perhaps more importantly as a business owner, he helps YOU understand the goals. Education is an important thing and he's patient about it. His human first approach is logical, effective and simple.
Not rocket science. It just gets it done. From a business perspective, he and his team at HypeLife are driving incredible ROI to our business. Measurable performance is critical and he knows all the numbers have to make sense and they DO. 
I initially had thought working with an agency would be so-so and they’ve been fantastic in every way, proving my thoughts invalid. HYPELIFE PERFORMS! Which is what we (business owners) want at the end of the day. 
Curt’s creative approach to problem solving and breadth/depth knowledge across the stack is second to none. Oh and you'll like this: He's actually responsive. Reachable. Mind blowing right? 
If you have the lucky opportunity to work with Curt and HypeLife Brands, DO IT! Or don't, and leave it to us luckier folks who do. 10 out of 5 in every way!"
Sief Khafagi, Partner




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