marketing resources for startups

RESOURCES for Startups

Looking for startup marketing resources because you're in bootstrap-mode and not quite ready to engage a specialized brand development + startup marketing agency like ours? No problem!

For you — the Founder, the Visionary, the Entrepreneur — we've put together this handy list of awesome marketing tools and the best free resources for startups that we recommend.

We not only recommend them, we stand behind them (many of them we use here in our day-to-day).

HypeLife loves ya baby, we got your back. So without further ado...

The Best Free Resources for Startups

Personizely - Supercharge your Shopify E-commerce Store

While our clients needs in the digital and e-commerce department are often very specific (a custom digital platform is necessary 99% of the time), we know many startup founders are bootstrapping in the early days and using off-the-shelf e-commerce products like Shopify to get started.

If this describes you, Personizely is something you'll want to check out. 

Personizely helps you easily collect shoppers' contact info (even if they don't purchase), promote limited time offers, and decrease cart abandonment rate using exit intent popups, recommended item cross-selling, upselling, plus remarketing opportunities galore. Also, there's many deep integrations available with MailChimp, WordPress, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Sendgrid, and beyond that can help you build customer traction + loyalty at every step of your funnel.

And with easy-to-install widgets, you don't have to be a coding wizard to put it to work for you.

Learn more by checking out Personizely right here.

ProveSource - Create Social Proof Marketing for Your New Business/Startup (while sleeping)

Social proof baby! ProveSource is an amazing (and very affordable) tool for letting users know how much buzz, and activity, your website generates (which is often tough to see, especially for e-commerce sites).

Got $50k/month in sales, or $500k/month? AWESOME, let people know via these beautiful notifications that will show during your users' whole site experience, without getting in the way of their customer experience. Just getting started on building up your web traffic and working towards your first sale? Fear not, this tool is great for your new business/startup too.

Why this tool is amazing and what value it can provide to your online community and e-commerce strategy:

  1. Because Trust Is Key to Success
  2. Because It's Automated Word of Mouth
  3. 1 + 2 above together helps you generate more sales

And THAT's a win(!)

It is super easy to setup and can start working for your brand right away.

Click here to give their free trial a run and put this to work for you (yes, even while you're sleeping).

Slidebean - Startup Pitch Deck Creation Made Simple

Marketing your startup to investors? Look no further than Slidebean when it comes to designing your initial Pitch Deck for your Startup.

is a super easy-to-use tool for creating Web and Mobile-Friendly Startup PItch Decks. Their website also includes great examples and samples of early decks from the likes of WeWork, Uber, Snapchat and more (plus SllideBean's YouTube channel has tons of great resources as well for startups).

Check it out today and give it a spin!

AppSumo - Tools for Startups, at a Fraction of the Price

The Short Version: AppSumo has tons of great tools for all aspects of early stage startups and companies bootstrapping their way along.

Looking for some of the easiest to use -- and best free resources for startups -- in order to start marketing your new business or startup? Need some initial ideas on branding your startup? Need a chat tool for your website that won't cost you an arm-and-a-leg on monthly fees? AppSumo more than likely has what you need, along with excellent white papers and training courses.

AppSumo is filled with many startup resources, and while many are in their early stages too just like you, there's plenty of opportunities here to try them out while getting lifetime memberships for being a flagship subscriber at a fraction of the normal cost.

Learn more about some great tools — from analytics to forecasting to automations and beyond — at

CrowdFire - Social Media Management, Simplified

Crowdfire is a social media management platform used by brands, businesses, startups, and individuals all over the world to help drive social media engagement and growth.

They've packed in tons of features, ranging from content publishing, rss feed pulls, content curation functions, andy beyond, all in one place at a competitive price, with scalable options for your growing social media marketing arsenal.

Crowdfire is fairly intuitive to understand, can help you save a lot of time, and has a host of features in a single place. It is a great tool to grow and manage your social accounts, even if you're starting from ground zero.

Try it out today right here.

Startup Business Insurance by Hiscox

Early on in the life of any business startup, you'll find yourself with the need for Professional Small Business Insurance of some kind, and/or Errors & Omissions coverage (also known as E&O).

Hiscox caters to businesses of all shapes and sizes, even those startups just launching into the world without any revenue to speak of, and we highly recommend them to anyone (even our own clients).

You can get your options, quotes, and register for startup insurance coverage online at their website with ease.

Check out Hiscox for your startup's insurance needs and learn more right here.

Text Marketing from SlickText

Since no one wants to answer a number they don't know—many of our clients' customers simply won't—there's the super slick Text Marketing service, SlickText.

With SlickText, you can easily put your brand's marketing message in the hands of the people you want to target. In fact, customers respond quicker to SMS messaging than any other form of marketing communication. 

After all, your marketing message can't be effective if no one sees it. We trust SlickText to deliver every single word because they use the highest quality North American messaging routes to ensure delivery. 

For us—and for our clients—quality matters. And SlickText is one of the highest quality text marketing services out there.

Find out for yourself
and get 15% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH with promo code HYPELIFE.

Grasshopper - The Best Digital-Forward, Phone Setup for Startups, Hands Down

Need an 800 number setup quickly and pain-free? Need to have multiple extensions available for your growing team at your startup? Want your old-school clients sending in faxes still to generate a PDF to your email? Grasshopper is the paper-and-pain-free answer.

Grasshopper is easy for the tech-savvy (and non tech-savvy) entrepreneur to setup. It's also super affordable, so you don't have to buy one of those old, clunky, and pricey PBX phone systems (we know, that's the last thing you want cluttering up your office).

Try it out for seven days for free too as there's lots of other cool features...most likely, it'll become The Jam when it comes to getting your professional, nimble telecommunication setup rolling for the modern era and your soon-to-be awesome startup (without everyone having to listen to those espresso machines whirring in the background).

Trying Grasshopper is easy, so start here, and thank us later. ;-)

One of the Best Free Resources for Startups: McAfee's TrustedSite Badge

TrustedSite by McAfee - Earn Trust with your Customers Before They Start Shopping

Public data breaches have caused a climate of fear among consumers. As a startup or small business owner with a new brand in the marketplace, one of the first things you need to show potential customers is that you're one of the good guys. This is Marketing 101.

McAfee's TrustedSite tool helps you do just that: let your visitors know your website is safe, and that YES, you are a real business and not a data pirate (arrrrr!). 
The McAfee TrustedSite badge helps solve this problem by letting visitors see that your website is safe, alleviating security concerns while increasing engagement and conversions at the same time.

With the free version of McAfee's certification, you can display the floating trustmark for up to 500 visitors per month, at no charge, and installation is super easy. So easy that if you need help installing the badge, we'll help you get setup at no charge (just drop us a note in the chat bubble here in the bottom right once you've setup your account, and we'll get you on your way).

Why You Need This (especially for new e-commerce sites):

  • Show Off Your Security: Get weekly security screenings from the world's largest dedicated security company, and then tell your visitors about it.
  • Boost Your Engagement: Easing security concerns means a reduced bounce rate and increased visitor usage of your site.
  • Increase Your Sales: With McAfee TrustedSite Secure certification, visitors spend more time interacting on your site - and that ultimately means more conversions, and more sales.
Get started with a free trial here, and grow from there with plans that start at just $39/month.

It'll be well worth your while.

Additional Resources & Recommended Reading for Startups & Entrepreneuers

Drop us a note in the chat box in the bottom right if there's something you're looking for that's not listed here in our list of the best free resources for startups.

Check back often as more of the best free resources for startups, startup marketing tools, and more are being added regularly!