marketing resources for startups
the path to

infusing your brand

with a hypelife point of view
is about discovering why
your brand exists in the first place.
from there, it's a defined (yet organic) process
aimed at identifying your brand's unique strengths
and charting the course to achieve its full potential.
Many brands make the mistake of selling what they do — but they never talk about WHY they do it. For a brand with a HYPELIFE perspective, it's all about the Why. Everything flows from an understanding of purpose and mission. And only after we define the Why can we begin to look at the How. So together, we'll develop objectives for the engagement based on a vision for the brand.
What are the goals? How will you measure success? And perhaps more importantly, when do you know you've arrived? The life of a brand is a journey. It's more than a launch — it's a living, breathing being. To remain strong and effective, it needs consistent attention and nurturing. Beginning with the end in mind helps the How come into focus.
This is where the brand begins to take on a HYPELIFE of its own. Through mood boards, color studies, photographic styles, illustration, rough layouts and more detailed explorations, a visual theme or "concept" will emerge and inform the look and feel of the brand. For many companies, identity begins and ends with a logo. The HYPELIFE brand tells a consistent story across every medium.
With the look defined, it's time to get detailed and apply it to your brand's form. The concept is woven into every nook and cranny of the brand. Layouts, storyboards and photo shoots are prepared and produced. You'll see the story begin to play out — and you'll feel the HYPELIFE in every nuance. This is where giddiness often kicks in.
Set phasers to "stun." It's time to deliver on the Why, the vision, the plan and the look. This is where the "output" happens — the things your target touches and experiences come together melding form with function. Each component is built, reviewed and readied for its journey. It's go time.
Your brand is now alive, and ready for the world, but now what? It's time to get the story of your brand, what you have to offer and why you offer it out to the world. Growing your brand is achieved through a pro-active marketing & growth strategy that will help you captivate, engage and create life-long relationships with your customers, ultimately taking your brand to heights you never thought possible.
Your audience is waiting. It's time they got what they came for — a brand that reaches out, resonates and responds. Art and messages connect with hearts and minds. Bonds are built. Loyalties are forged. Your target gets a taste of the HYPELIFE, and becomes a champion for your brand.