We get asked a lot of great questions quite regularly during our initial Discovery Sessions with CEOs and Visionaries. We've done our best to collect the most helpful and commonly asked questions and answers below.

Don't see the question you're wondering about before officially reaching out to us via our Engagement Inquiry form?

No problem, just contact us here as a start point, or you can text it to us at 888-621-4973 too.

Remember: the path to building, launching and growing a successful business in the digital era is never straight (but we do our best to light the path, and lighten your load along the way so you can focus on working on your business, not in your business).

Q: I know we need to invest in advertising to grow our business. What kind of advertising budgets do you guys work with?

First of all, you're right!

We manage annual Paid Media & Advertising budgets ranging from early-stage startups with $60k to $120k annual spend, up to existing businesses investing $3M+ in advertising + paid media spend annually.


Q: Do you guys only work with startups? My business has been in the market for 5 years, but we need help with growing and scaling now, and feel like our marketing approach isn't working for us anymore.

No, we don't only work with startups. Over the past 23+ years in business, we've worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes and continue to do so to this day.

So whether you're a visionary startup founder with an earth-shaking new idea you want to bring to market, or the CEO of an organization doing $5M in ARR that you want to grow to $5M in ARR, we can help. Let's start a conversation together!


Q: I'm concerned that my company may be too small to work with you guys. How do we know if we are a good fit?

We won't know if we're a good fit ultimately until we have an initial Discovery Session together, which you can get set up by submitting our brief Engagement Inquiry intake form here, and scheduling an initial conversation with us on the screen that will follow after your submission.

Beyond that, a few key factors help determine a good fit for our agency:


  • You're looking to launch, or are already in the market, at a national (or international) level.
  • You're looking for a relationship with a 360-degree, holistically focused team, and not just for single project execution. In other words, you're looking for top-line KPI performance and results, however we determine is the best way to get there over the first year of our work together, and beyond.
  • You can commit a minimum $100k investment during your first year working with us as a new client towards your goals for growth, even if your website, your CRM, your messaging, your marketing automations, or whatever other tactical components of your marTech (marketing + technology) stack you feel aren't up to par.

    If they are, great! If they aren't, no problem...we're used to things being far from optimal at the start, and work rapidly and iterative to improve those as we move forward.
  • You probably don't have an internal marketing team of any kind.

    If you do, we can still work with them and support internal and external initiatives.

    If you don't, we most often work as Agency of Record for our clients, or in other words, you're out-of-house marketing, advertising, and brand management department with heavy firepower in the technology/web/digital department.

    After all, marketing and technology are now fully converged like never before, and you need that full end-to-end approach to succeed with the Connected Generation(s) in today's digital era.
  • Your organization is predominantly in the consumer space. While we do work with and have worked with B2Bs to great success in the past 23+ years of business, our focus is primarily on working with B2C/DTC companies.


Q: What type of company is really the best fit to work with your agency?

To paraphrase an old issue of culture mag Highsnobiety's preface that we love, HypeLife Brands is for any organization that challenges the old ways and seeks to build anew.

HypeLife is for visionaries and CEOs looking to redefine growth for their organization. Those who seek even explosive growth, and are open to new ways of thinking and new approaches to get there.


Q: Do you offer TikTok ads too? Or just Facebook/Meta Ads and Google Ads? Can you manage my Google PPC campaigns too?

Yes, to all of the above! We do offer TikTok ad campaign creation and management (file under paid ads/media) through an agency partnership with TikTok, which provides us with far more advanced tools than you'll get buying TikTok coins and simply "boosting" posts on your own.

The same goes for Meta (Facebook and Instagram), assuming any or all of these channels are strategically appropriate for your end game, your KPIs, and your goals for growth.

In addition, yes, we are also well-versed in creating, managing, and optimizing paid advertising campaigns via Google Ads, X (Twitter), programmatic options, YouTube, et al.

HUDL Music

"I was drawn to HypeLife for exactly that reason—their history of creating and developing brands that are, and will be, relevant for the long-term. I’ve had the idea in my head for HUDL Music since the first time I set foot in the studio to record a track. And like I said earlier, I’m always planning, always preparing. So I had a pretty good idea of the brand I wanted to build. "

La'Shion Robinson Founder & CEO, HUDL Music
Learn how our marketing agency helped HUDL Music grow

LASIO Professional Haircare

"When I found HypeLife, I had an instant feeling of “This could be the agency for us” the moment I came across their website. Everything spoke to my company needs...where we're at now, and how we need to grow and evolve."

Nadine Ramos, Founder & CEO LASIO Professional Haircare
Learn how our marketing agency helped LASIO Professional Haircare grow


"Where do I start? Hands down, best in class in EVERY way. I met Curt through a friend and little did I know it would be the start of something special. We instantly clicked when it came to business and marketing. He understands the goals and perhaps more importantly as a business owner, he helps YOU understand the goals. Education is an important thing and he's patient about it. His human first approach is logical, effective and simple."

Sief Khafagi, Partner Techvestor
Learn how our marketing agency helped Techvestor grow


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