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LASIO Professional Haircare

LASIO x Los Angeles Pop-Up Recap (June 2019)
LASIO Los Angeles Pop-Up Promo (30 Second Ad Spot)
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Not a Total Makeover, But…
Founder Nadine Ramos brought her well-established NYC haircare brand LASIO to the HypeLife brand development salon in need of, well, not a makeover. A huge swatch of hair pros already love the brand's product suite.

But they needed something that would turn the heads of consumers on the West Coast, and they needed an arresting retail marketing strategy for LASIO to cut into the haircare space from all sides.

Like an initial consultation with a fine-tuned stylist, Ramos knew HypeLife was the one in her first conversation with our fearless leader, Curt. “It was his passion and knowledge, and the work he did researching a strategy for LASIO before I even signed the agreement,” Ramos says. “I knew right there that HypeLife was for us.”
There’s Beauty in the Details
Designed to elevate the life of today’s modern woman, the LASIO brand is already making a name for itself in Los Angeles and greater Southern California, and continues to find new West Coast opportunities, just four months into our work together.

But the big win? That’s the immediate boost in direct-to-consumer sales for their aftercare product line, increased Average Order Value for both the retail + salon pro sides of the business, and top-line revenue growth across the board already being realized.

It’s a layered strategy poised for short-term wins amid a long-term, global growth focus. In fact, the brand has already cut the number of visitors bouncing from the site to a staggering 10%.

In other words, people are liking what they see.
Other Clients We've Served
Reduced Bounce Rate by 84% In just a few months, we reduced LASIO's bounce rate (those who come to a website and leave immediately) from over 56% to a staggering 8.8%
Average Order Value Growth of 10%+ We've grown the AOV by 10%+ month over month, posting the brand's highest growth in this category over the past year's historicals. Retail sales have also increased, from just a few per week to orders nearly every single day.
Email Marketing List Growth of 10% month after month In a few short months, by employing a targeted growth and marketing strategy, LASIO's email marketing list has gone from stagnancy to over 10% growth, with new additions being seen every single day.