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Niki T. - User Experience Designer (UX/UI)

Niki T. - User Experience Designer (UX/UI)
Born and raised in North California, Niki spurned the Tar Heel lifestyle for the sunnier skies of a UCSD education. She came to San Diego to study International Relations and become a political analyst, but like the truly enlightened, she followed her passion instead of her more pragmatic self, and channeled her love of design into the fascinating field of Cognitive Science.  

Since then, her work has focused on the HypeLife-endorsed concepts of designing for the user and exploring The Why, backed by Niki’s unique scientific knowledge of human behavior. Put another way: In order to learn how to design for humans, we must first understand humans. In fact, prior to graduation, Niki considered herself a social butterfly who spent much of her after-hours time working in the Comparative Cognition Lab—as most social butterflies are known to do. 

As a multi-faceted artist, Niki also loves to create. Exploring multiple media types and forms of expression, she discovered a secondary passion in dance, and began honing her craft during her freshman year. As a born-leader, it won’t surprise you to learn she co-founded an urban choreography + dance team that has grown to now 70+ members and performs in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and Las Vegas. 
And while Niki’s next performance will take place inside the HLB walls, we’re excited to feed off her relentless drive for bigger, better, sky-is-the-limit kinds of creativity.