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Launched November 2018, GoodFetch is an insurTech startup finally solving the cumbersome problem of spending hours upon hours comparison shopping for auto, renters, and home insurance online.

Rather than wasting tons of time filling out form after form on carriers' sites just to get a single quote, or worse, getting caught in lead aggregator sites (and then receiving inaccurate quotes and tons of annoying sales calls + spam because your personal info was just sold off to numerous insurance agencies buying "leads"), GoodFetch provides a free, easy, one-stop solution to all of this hassle.

And while yes, GoodFetch is disrupting the insurance space towards positive change, it is not only designed to help consumers, but also to help insurance carriers and the independent insurance agencies that represent them too.

How is that possible you ask?

In short, GoodFetch is built on a unique business model that provides a new, modern, Millennial-tuned marketing channel that enables carriers (old AND new) to now reach a very elusive, massive group of potential customers they weren't getting to effectively before.

Truly, the business model is a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition...the rising tide to lift all boats, all the while making peoples' lives simply easier.

Now that's a win we'll take any day.

GoodFetch is now live for all California residents, with a multi-state expansion planned for 2019 following completion of the brand's Seed Round capital raise.

Check it out for yourself at

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Less than 10% Abandon Rate In the first 60 days after launch, we've reached an optimized user experience, dropping abandonment rate to under 10%
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