In case you don’t know yet, Marketing & Advertising are two different things.

At HypeLife, we help you do both, cohesively, strategically, and consistently. It won’t be just your brand posting random content and images of what product or service your company sells on Instagram (or what you, oh fearless Visionary, had for breakfast this morning).

Rather, our brand strategy we've developed informs our marketing messaging, and in turn, how and where we will show up when we take your brand to market towards a national launch. Our message, our Why, and our research on your unique buying tribes all comes together towards creating a story for them to connect to, and a Go-to-Market Plan for us to hit the pavement with.

But what story should your customers listen to? This is where we come in. For each brand that we work with, we ensure that your brand is radically different from your competitors, and that this is clear in your marketing messaging. Then we determine how and where your brand can shout this message from the rooftops, closest to the people who we want to hear and see this message the most (read: strategically-driven, data-focused advertising).

An effective marketing strategy allows your brand to talk to everyone who NEEDS you. 

And an effective advertising strategy will put your brand directly in front of your unique buying tribes (think bigger than "target audiences," Visionary).

When you partner with us to develop your marketing & advertising strategy, you’re getting ALL of it. Everything you need from Point A to Point Z. No fluff. No BS.

You're getting a cohesive, holistic, 360 degree approach to growth marketing built on a solid strategy that will help us on the road ahead towards your end game and topline KPI growth.



Do you have a brand or one in the making? If you recognize the power and potential in today’s millennials and want to impact tomorrow’s leaders then you’ve probably made it your mission to build them up. You seek to entertain, educate and inspire. You want to enhance their lifestyles, and even guide their lives.

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The strongest brands have a life of their own.

If you seek to connect with Millennials in a revolutionary way, you need to define that life for your brand. Take this brief quiz to determine where you are, and you’ll take the first step in revealing where your brand could go.

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