Demand generation is one of the most critical focus areas of marketing for any startup or organization.

Demand generation, usually with a focus on growing your company's number of leads in the pipeline, is key towards growing top-line, and bottom-line, growth.  

When we talk about "leads," keep in mind they have unique characteristics for each company that wants to grow a targeted, qualified pipeline of them. Leads come in many shapes, sizes, and values. They could be potential customers, community members, clients, investors or new app users, and so on. Urgency for each can be different too, and so can their lifetime value (LTV).

With a highly targeted marketing and advertising strategy, and the right digital doorway for them to enter through and engage with, you can turn site visitors into brand advocates...but it takes time, focus, and an expert team to help you get there.

And that's where we come in: helping our clients build, launch, grow, and scale.

But, the pathway to demand generation that creates a solid, qualified lead flow for your company is paved with costly casualties (we've heard many horror stories in our two decades in business, as you can imagine). Some of those casualties are a result of:

  • Lack of a cohesive brand strategy, digital strategy, and proper planning
  • Poor management of your marketing overall
  • Not understanding the ever-shifting, highly complex (and technical) digital advertising landscape
  • Novices and freelancers managing your advertising dollars
  • Guessing on which platform(s) your unique buying tribes hang out on, and/or trying to manage this all in-house
  • And plenty more reasons...but we'll spare you.

In other words: There are many ways to fail, and few ways to succeed (and scale), when it comes to demand generation.

We don't recommend you go it alone, ever.

To succeed and scale when it comes to demand generation, it is critical to have a developed marketing strategy, coupled with a robust Go-to-Market plan and strong, clear messaging + strong creative, before a single advertising dollar is spent.

Add in a senior, knowledgeable team like ours here at HypeLife Brands, and now you have a recipe for success, significant ROAS, and scaleable, consistent growth for the long haul.



When it comes to marketing and growing your startup or challenger brand, you don't just want your business to tread water and barely survive, right? You want customer traction growth, more household-name popularity, and more funding/investments as you progress.

Why Do Startups Need Digital Marketing? Startups entering into the lifestyle space need a great product/service backed by a strong brand and a powerful, purpose-driven message to attract initial investment. It could be an excellent idea that serves or disrupts a market or something unique that helps people achieve their goals faster, better, easier, and/or cheaper.


Do you have a brand or one in the making? If you recognize the power and potential in today’s millennials and want to impact tomorrow’s leaders then you’ve probably made it your mission to build them up. You seek to entertain, educate and inspire. You want to enhance their lifestyles, and even guide their lives.

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