Mauro F. - Senior Creative
You know how when you’re a kid and everyone tells you to follow your passion, to do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life? Meet Mauro: native of Uruguay, resident creative badass.  
A lover of design and creativity from day one, Mauro is one of the lucky few who followed that initial spark all the way to an award-winning, 25-year (and counting) career as an Art and Creative Director. In fact, we’re going to list a few of his awards here, not to show off Mauro any more than we already are, but because international awards and accomplishments sound especially cool. 
  • CUP (Uruguayan Advertising Circle) board member
  • President of the Desachate in 2016
  • Six-time Campanas de Oro Festival jury member
  • Award-winner at: Cannes, Fiap, Ojo de Iberoamerica, San Sebastian, Wabe, Lapiz de Oro, New York Festival, Clio Awards, Gramado, Campana de Oro, Desachate 
Oh, and for good measure, Mauro is into electronic music, digital art and, you guessed it, surfing. In fact, check out his Instagram to witness his “Surfing with Friends” side project to see how surfing, design and creativity come together.
So yeah, Mauro dominates his passions and stuff. No biggie. 


LASIO Professional Haircare

"When I found HypeLife, I had an instant feeling of “This could be the agency for us” the moment I came across their website. Everything spoke to my company needs...where we're at now, and how we need to grow and evolve."

Nadine Ramos, Founder & CEO LASIO Professional Haircare
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HUDL Music

"I was drawn to HypeLife for exactly that reason—their history of creating and developing brands that are, and will be, relevant for the long-term. I’ve had the idea in my head for HUDL Music since the first time I set foot in the studio to record a track. And like I said earlier, I’m always planning, always preparing. So I had a pretty good idea of the brand I wanted to build. "

La'Shion Robinson Founder & CEO, HUDL Music
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