Daniel M. - Senior SEO/SEM
Daniel Martin is a seasoned SEO professional and an aviation technologist turned digital marketer. Over his many years of experience in the SEO/SEM space, he has built high-performing teams that have produced amazing organic traffic for clients the world abroad.

After working in the Aviation industry for 9 years, today Dani applies his international team-building experience to assist in solving our clients' challenges.
In short, Dani loves people-centric leadership.
He finds immense joy in building winning SEO teams that solve big problems for lifestyle brands and  B2C/DTC starups, while lifting each other and leading by example. His focus is on bringing innovation in the SEO space, finding low-hanging fruit, and delivering amazing results for our clients.
His work over the many years has taken him across continents and allowed him to build friendships with people from all walks of life. He has worked with clients from the UK, US, Japan, France, Italy, Hong Kong, and Singapore prior to joining the HypeLife Brands team.
In his spare time, Dani enjoys photography and playing the carrom board.


HUDL Music

"I was drawn to HypeLife for exactly that reason—their history of creating and developing brands that are, and will be, relevant for the long-term. I’ve had the idea in my head for HUDL Music since the first time I set foot in the studio to record a track. And like I said earlier, I’m always planning, always preparing. So I had a pretty good idea of the brand I wanted to build. "

La'Shion Robinson Founder & CEO, HUDL Music
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"Where do I start? Hands down, best in class in EVERY way. I met Curt through a friend and little did I know it would be the start of something special. We instantly clicked when it came to business and marketing. He understands the goals and perhaps more importantly as a business owner, he helps YOU understand the goals. Education is an important thing and he's patient about it. His human first approach is logical, effective and simple."

Sief Khafagi, Partner Techvestor
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Do you have a brand or one in the making? If you recognize the power and potential in today’s millennials and want to impact tomorrow’s leaders then you’ve probably made it your mission to build them up. You seek to entertain, educate and inspire. You want to enhance their lifestyles, and even guide their lives.

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