Marketing to parents today, especially moms, is different than ever before. It is no longer about end-caps and advertising in retail stores – moms just aren't there anymore (if they don't have to be). They're not the mall-walking, window-shopping, coupon-clipping moms they used to be. 


Today’s mom — a member of the Millennial Generation almost without question — is a plugged-in, connected, possibly unmarried, advice-seeking perfectionist. She is a mom that wants the perfect home life while finding the support she needs online, mostly from her unique buying tribe with shared experiences: other Millennial Moms. 


She is more than likely attached to a smartphone or tablet nearly 24x7 — 95% of Millennial Moms own at least one — and she's more knowledgeable than the moms of yesteryear because of it. When she needs to know something, she consults Google, Pinterest, blogs, Instagram, Facebook, and the like. Even in those late night nursery visits, her smartphone is more than likely in her hand. She reads reviews before she purchases anything, especially if it is for her child, looking for only the best, with value in mind (though for Millennials, price isn't the only consideration in this equation). She consults with mom-centric blogs more often than she talks to her friends in real life.


What are some of the main characteristics of the Millennial Mom? I'm glad you asked! Let’s take a look:

1. Millennial Moms have an incredible social media following.

While we used to talk about “successful” parents “living the dream” as those with 2.5 kids and a white picket fence, today's moms talk about their social media platforms – of which most have 3.4 accounts on average (and they just might have a mommy blog of their own). 84% of them follow a brand's social media channels to gain information about them (and 82% are looking for deals and coupons).

2. They talk a lot…online.

They want others to hear what they think about a product, service, or the latest way to parent. They blog, tweet, update their Facebook status, pin pictures on Pinterest, and write reviews. They also read these reviews intricately, processing them before deciding what purchase to make.

3. They want it all.

They want to be the perfect mom, perfect wife/girlfriend, and the perfect “me.” They take “me” time very seriously, having no problem paying someone to help them get that time, whether it is a babysitter, maid, or someone to help them organize so they can take time for themselves.

4. They compete…hard.

Each mom tries to outdo the other, thanks to the internet and blogs. Pictures speak a thousand words. When they see one mom engaging with their child in a way they haven't, you can guarantee they are going to find a way to “outdo” that mom. Think of this as the Millennial version of the Baby Boomers' “Keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome.


So how do Millennial Moms shop? Here’s a look from 10,000 feet up:

1. They research…hard.

Blogs, product review sites, Yelp, or retailer sites with many reviews, 9 out of 10 Millennial moms are reading up before making a move and 83% of them trust blogs for recommendations more than any other source. They want to know as much about a product or brand as they can before clicking that coveted “Buy” button. If the reviews aren't there, or are anything other than positive, she isn’t buying.

2. They are not brand loyal.

Less than 50% of Millennial Moms consider themselves "brand loyalists,” and only 1 in 3 buy the products they grew up with. If there is buzz about another hot product, they have no problem switching in the blink of an eye if the value is there.

3. They think about it.

The product might hit their cart or it might not and it could take a few weeks before they actually make a decision. This creates a new challenge for brands marketing to Millennial Moms in measuring abandoned shopping carts versus "I'm thinking about it" carts.

4. They share their product purchases everywhere.

...Especially on their social media platforms. They rave or complain about them there too. Sell them a poor quality product and be ready to face their wrath online (and lose hundreds, maybe thousands if there's consensus, of potential customers).
Brands that want to market to these Millennial Moms take note. The mom of today is not who you think she is. She is above all else, a Millennial. The best thing brands wanting to engage Millennial Moms can do is cater to her story, her life, in the media and ways Generation Y lives by. Go to them, don't try to pull them to you. Use influencers to help you market and connect. Illustrate how you can improve their lifestyle through images, videos, helpful social media posts and the like. 

With Gen Y mothers, it is no longer enough to simply tell them you have a great product, and how hard their life must be as a mom. They must be shown. They need to see how it fits into their lifestyle, how it will make it better.


The mobile-savvy, Millennial mothers are here to stay. How do you fit into their picture?



Curt Cuscino
Principal & Founder
HypeLife Brands

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