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We are Venture Builders

JANUARY 2019 Millennial Marketing Insight from HypeLife Brands: "We are Venture Builders"

"Entrepreneurship is throwing yourself off a cliff and assembling an airplane on the way down." 
- Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn

Venturing out on your own...
Taking “The Leap”...
Committing yourself to building a startup...
It’s not for everyone. 
In fact, it’s not for most
And definitely not for the faint of heart.
For most of you Visionaries and Entrepreneurs reading this, building a startup will most likely be the BIGGEST risk you’ll take in your life. 
I know, I’ve done it myself...multiple times. 
And we’ve worked alongside many startup founders before you to turn their vision into work alongside them as we cross “The Dragon Gap*” together, saving them from all the costly pitfalls and mistakes we hear about routinely in founders’ horror stories. 
In a nutshell, as a VC-realm friend of mine so perfectly put it:

We build fundable, Millennial market-ready, ROI-tuned startups through disciplined capital deployment. 

Since my own earliest years, I’ve always found great joy and excitement in bringing something that doesn’t exist to market, well-positioned, well-branded, well-built from the ground-up, with a vast future in mind full of many more possibilities...or more simply:

Creating Something out of Nothing more than the seed of an idea. 

It’s what I live for, and so does our team...each of them over the years I’ve personally selected and vetted, and each of them has an entrepreneurial spirit built in to their psyche. And each of them has a superpower. 
So when we say “we live for The Dragon Gap,” it’s what we all thrive on. The fear of the unknown isn’t fear to us at all. Rather, it’s excitement at creating disruption towards positive change. 
Positive change for our collective future, which is — and will be more than ever in the next 5 years — driven by the Millennial generation.
So yes, while we’ve had our fair share of established B2C and B2B corporate clients over the past two decades to great success (one of them even sold for $645M four years after engaging us as AOR, an international rebranding project, and numerous internal and external marketing initiatives), we find the challenges inherent to building and growing consumer-focused startups far more exciting. 
Maybe that makes us a “startup studio,” or “venture builders,” and not just a simple “marketing agency”...but we don’t care too much about titles. 
Whatever you call, we love it. 
We live for it. 
Because life is really boring without challenges. 
And engaging HypeLife to bring your vision to reality makes your challenge OUR challenge together. 


Curt Cuscino [My Bio]
Founder & CEO
HypeLife Brands
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*A term coined by one of my favorite brand strategy thought leaders, Marty Neumeier, author of "The Brand Gap," "ZAG," "The Rules of Genius" and more