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Anthony C. - Digital+Creative Team Lead

Anthony C. - Digital+Creative Team Lead

As a multi-disciplinary creative, Anthony has operated as an Art Director, Project Manager, and Digital Marketing Specialist. This includes years of diverse experience in all aspects of project management, creative direction and digital media, including the development and execution of startup marketing programs, brand development, content creation and data analytics. 

In the past he has worked with Om Records, NBCUniversal, various digital media agencies, and as a consultant to marketing agencies to engage with clients to gather information and understand the overall direction of the campaign and creative needs.

In 2021, Anthony launched the brand and network, Mixed Medium, with partner and artist Milton Campbell. The intention of the brand's creation was to grow an artist and musician network, free from hierarchy. Equal parts making up a whole, Mixed Medium, provides art and music curation with a continuously evolving superlative repertoire of artisans and musicians.

Anthony works with all levels of management (both client and internal), vendors, and comes packed with strong project management abilities. As a Digital+Creative Team Lead at HypeLife Brands, he performs a pivotal role in keeping client initiatives moving forward internally, and managing our client’s needs + blind spots.

Outside of work, Anthony is known by his recording alias Secret Miracle, an electronic music producer and DJ based in San Diego, California. In the past, he has lived, worked, and recorded music in San Francisco, New York, Vietnam, and San Diego. His first EP, titled Uneasy, was released on Stone Recordings.

Presenting sound as sculpture, his compositions consist more of experimental tracks comprised of field recordings, synthesizers, and sequencers.

Read more about his inspirations and aspirations that led him to HypeLife here on his recent feature write-up in San Diego Voyager.