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Avanti Workspace

Avanti Workspace - Carlsbad, California
Avanti Workspace - Carlsbad, California
Avanti Workspace - Carlsbad, California
Avanti Workspace - Carlsbad, California
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In 2016, Avanti Workspace opened in Carlsbad, California — part of the greater San Diego metro area — offering a wide range of modern, modular workspaces and coworking solutions.

Occupying the entire third floor of an old bank building, and containing well over 10,000 sqft of usable space, the space was built to attract a diverse community of start-ups, independent professionals & consultants; small-to-mid sized businesses looking to innovate on their own time. 

But growth wasn't happening following launch, and Avanti Workspace needed help finding a balanced mix for their outbound marketing attack, covering social media marketing, email marketing, and a healthy PPC/SEM game — plus a team to manage it for them.

That's where we came in.

We brought our team into play, and fast. Within just the first three months of engaging HypeLife, we:
- Audited and heavily optimized a previously-undercooked web presence
- Improved the overall user experience (UI/UX)
- Established pinpoint-targeted pay-per-click PPC advertising campaigns that delivered
- Performed an intense local-area-network activation effort at warpspeed, building awareness with local partners, influencers, community leaders and key business figures. This created a conduit for two-way relationships necessary for the success of a concept like Avanti Workspace.

Other Clients We've Served
6x Occupancy Growth In just 3 months, our collective efforts increased occupancy from 3% to over 20%. Today, Avanti is now over 60% occupancy and growing steadily.
200% Revenue Growth Monthly RECURRING revenue grew quickly and substantially, to the tune of over 200%
96% ROI With the right marketing mix and right place & product foundation, ROI for Avanti was substantial (and is still growing)