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PinkLion Adds Top Independent Brands to Growing Roster

Online marketplace offers curated shopping experience, becomes destination for increasing number of hot independent makers and brands.

Los Angeles, CA. February 26, 2015 - With a growing number of popular independent brands taking up residence on the site, PinkLion is quickly becoming a top destination for some of today's most sought-after makers and artists. Launched in the summer of 2014, PinkLion's rise has been fast, but it's their careful, meticulous approach that has them poised for the long haul.

Unlike many online marketplaces, PinkLion is exclusive in its approach to who can and can't sell on their site, maintaining full approval rights themselves. It's a strategy which means a smaller selection of products for consumers, but which guarantees a level of quality for the brand over the long haul. According to Nazma Maknojia, co-founder of PinkLion, the original vision for the brand was to become the essential guide to an often overwhelming online shopping experience for today's modern, discerning consumer. "Our team scours the globe every day for exceptional design, attention to craft, and quality product," she says. "It's nothing but the very best stuff, handpicked just for our visitors from exclusively independent brands – and it's all available in one place."

That's another key to PinkLion's early success: a curated shopping experience. Maintaining control over who can sell on their site also means PinkLion can give its visitors a highly customized, handpicked selection of what's hot right now, or what may be trending in the future. Surging in popularity with Millennials is the idea of shopping local, or in other words, supporting local, small businesses that play a role in their communities. Maknojia sees PinkLion this way, but with the ability to reach all communities and provide a boutique shopping experience. "From day one, I saw PinkLion as an online boutique, a thoughtful group of people with a watchful eye on modern design that can help customers find things they may not have even known they wanted," she says.

"Online shopping can be an exhausting experience because there's so much stuff out there. And yet, there's so much talent fighting to get noticed among the clutter, and I was always frustrated that there wasn't a quicker link to connect with those people," continues Maknojia. "PinkLion is our attempt to give those talents a place to shine and make connections with customers."

Artists and makers from across the globe are responding. A quick glance through PinkLion's roster of brands features a wide variety of artisans, ranging from abstract artists to watchmakers to jewelry designers to artists specializing in all things home decor. Some top independent brands of note include: Analog Watch Co., Late Sunday Afternoon, Norla Design, Hatchet Eyewear, Rabbit & Dragon, and Art of Plants.

Artisans interested in applying for a spot in the PinkLion marketplace can apply at


About PinkLion

PinkLion is a curated online marketplace featuring work from independent brands throughout the globe. Founded in 2014 and located in Houston, TX, PinkLion focuses on modern design and aesthetics in art, home decor, men's and women's interests, jewelry, and technology. Learn more at