Los Angeles, CA. April 30, 2012 - HypeLife Brands, a leading Millennial-focused branding agency is announcing today their partnership with the independent film “Skycallers”.

The new action/sci-fi film is Leepiei Green’s foray into the world of action films. As a first time director, Green is harnessing his Native American background and martial arts expertise to bring a fresh perspective to Hollywood filmmaking. Leepiei says, "I use a very specific type of storytelling," in describing his process. Leepiei's first and future projects are also highly anticipated. More information on the film can be found on here on IMDB.

“We’re very excited to be working with Leepiei on the imaging and key art for the film,” said HypeLife Brands Principal Curt Cuscino. “It really is an incredible opportunity for us to flex our creative muscle here and show Hollywood what we’re capable of.

“It’s definitely an exciting time for the agency right now, and the work we do for each client of ours in helping them craft a deep and powerful brand strategy and brand identity, websites, branded apparel, packaging, promotional videos, unique cross-platform marketing campaigns, social media presences and beyond speaks for itself. Our 360 degree approach to helping companies develop impactful branding makes their life easier and provides us the creative latitude needed to make an impact. We’re stoked to be a part of bringing this to Leepiei’s film.”

HypeLife Brands produced the film’s key art, brand identity, opening title sequence, digital soundtrack cover, promotional poster and website. The film is currently in post-production, has already been accepted to the coveted Cannes Film Festival, and is scheduled to be released this summer. It is produced by White Ferret Films and features Hollywood up-and-coming actors including Leepiei Green, Douglas La-Mont Hill, Marci Beck and Jose Orellana.

“The Skycallers project’s key art development has been smooth sailing all the way,” said Leepiei, who also co-wrote and is the lead actor in the indie film. “We trust Curt and the HypeLife Brands staff to really capture what we all pictured ourselves, and they did just that, going well beyond the call of duty.”

HypeLife Brands creates branding, marketing and social media campaigns for brands that want to engage the youth market (18 to 30 year olds). With offices in Kansas City, Mo. and Los Angeles, Ca., the agency has clients in fashion, streetwear, music, film/entertainment, extreme sports among other industries.


About HypeLife Brands
HypeLife Brands is a leading brand development and startup marketing agency focused on helping startup and challenger brands powerfully engage the Millennial generation.

Key client industries include apparel and streetwear, musicians and recording artists, entertainment and extreme sports. Founded in 2001, the agency is headquartered in coastal Oceanside, California.