Los Angeles, CA. May 29, 2014 -

It's hard to make it in Los Angeles, but HypeLife Brands is trying to make it just a bit easier. Each month for the last two months, the SoCal-based branding and marketing agency has used its promotional toolkit to bring together creatives from varying industries – fashion, film, arts & entertainment – with one simple goal in mind: to get to know one another.

Agency founder, Curt Cuscino, has always been a connector, and a big part of what HypeLife Brands does each day is connect the brands they represent with the right consumer base. But now he's taking the same principles and practices to the people of LA.

"People are brands, too, and because we've always got our finger on the pulse of Millennials, on arts, on culture," says Cuscino, "it seems like there's a huge need for these kinds of connections here probably more than anywhere else right now.

"We're already heavily involved in these creative circles, so if we can help bring some talented folks together, even better."

The first event took place at Nirvana (Beverly Hills, CA) in April, and more than 100 people showed up to meet like-minded professionals, talk shop and make plans. A similar event took place a couple of weeks ago, and Cuscino has said more events are in the works for later in the year.

What differentiates these events from other conferences and/or seminars that take place in the area is that there are no strings attached. Cuscino and HypeLife Brands were steadfast in their commitment to no admission fees, laid back atmospheres and exclusivity. "This isn't a come-one, come-all kind of thing," says Cuscino. "If we were charging $75 a head just to get in the door, that'd be one thing, but this isn't about making money. It's about welcoming folks who are serious about their field and who simply want to get a foot in the door.

"You've got to RSVP and you've got to be in the fields of fashion, film or arts & entertainment. But beyond that, we wanted an event without strings, and I think that's exactly what we got."

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