Kansas City, MO. May 31, 2012 - HypeLife Brands has recently made it their mission to educate companies, clients and anyone with a pulse on culture as to what it is that makes Generation Y tick. And they’re going about it in a way that’s really turning some heads.

As its population continues to rise, with some estimates reaching as high as 70 million, Generation Y (aka Millennials) remains a largely sought-after, yet mysterious swath of this country’s consumer landscape. But to marketers and companies alike, Generation Y is the single most important demographic to win over in the all-important battle for product market share.

Largely characterized as fickle, impatient and even stubborn, the financial success of earlier generations has left some even wondering if Millennials possess a false sense of entitlement. According to Curt Cuscino, Principal of HypeLife Brands, a branding and marketing agency targeted specifically at Generation Y, such characterizations are both inaccurate and dangerous. “Misunderstanding or dismissing a Millennial’s mindset could potentially cost a company millions. Get it right, and you’ve got a passionate, tech-savvy champion for your brand,” says Cuscino.

“This is the most educated, well-connected, readily informed generation in our history. Their innate skepticism is not only acceptable, it’s responsible. Get their buy-in, and you’ve really got something going.”

Advertisers of all makes and models salivate over the 18-34 demographic, whether in traditional TV media buys or online banner ads. This is the age group that isn’t concerned with building a nest egg or funding a kid’s education. This is the newly minted working crowd that’s looking to spend their hard-earned paychecks on the brands they love. Understanding exactly how to win their consumer loyalty will be critical for many companies in the near future.

To assist in that learning process, Cuscino has taken to sending out monthly insights to his roster of followers – written in the first-person voice of a Millennial. Want to learn how they buy? Why they like what they like? How to effectively communicate with them? HypeLife Brands will let you in on all the secrets, in the voice only a Gen Y’er could create. Here’s a small excerpt from May’s letter:

“What I need is for you to understand me, and I want you to get to know me rather than pushing your agenda. Really. If I want to know if something's cool, I'll just ask one of my friends before I go buy it. And another thing: Try being more interesting and less like my parents if you want to get in touch. Amuse me, even. Or do something that betters the world somehow. Then you might get my attention. Show me that you get me.”

Cuscino notes, “Look, if you can think like Gen Y, you can connect with Gen Y. But it’s not easy. Marketing has always been hard, and these times are no different. And one thing about Generation Y: They’re going to make you earn it.

“But isn’t that a conversation worth having?”

For HypeLife Brands and their clients, the answer rings with a resounding yes. In fact, they’re willing to start the conversation for you.

Now that’s saying something.


About HypeLife Brands

HypeLife Brands is the leading branding and startup marketing agency focused on helping brands engage the modern digital consumer market, specifically Millennials.

Key client industries include apparel and streetwear, musicians and recording artists, entertainment and extreme sports.

Founded in 2001, the agency is headquartered in coastal Oceanside, California. More information on the independent startup marketing agency can be found at hypelifebrands.com.