Wendy M. - Senior Marketing / Brand Navigator

With extensive experience in business operations, project management, logistics, marketing, and brand development, Wendy provides strategic vision and operational direction to clients and internal stakeholders as a key member of HypeLife’s senior team. She loves seeing the diverse aspects of a brand come together — even from the most infant stages of the idea — and be driven by strategic execution all the way through to a fully-realized business launched to market.
In her past, Wendy established and managed startup operations for the Host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Stephanie Arne, and co-founded Ms. Arne’s educational non-profit, The Creative Animal Foundation. Her duties there included creation, planning, and execution of the business models, marketing & brand development, developing revenue streams, products/programs, and operational infrastructure. She was also a key contributor to a first-of-its kind proprietary genetic database for a private biotech company, which cross-referenced personal patient data with disease treatments & health outcomes.
Before evolving into a role in business management and marketing development, Wendy enjoyed a successful career as a biologist, working both in the field and the laboratory. Experience in both wildlife conservation and medical biotechnology created a passion in her for identifying and developing creative solutions to real-world problems. 
Wendy’s ability to see a problem from the unique perspective of a scientist-turned-businesswoman enables her to create customized solutions for her clients, see large visions and translate them into functional, workable tasks and structure an operational model from out of thin air, assuring that a brand’s industry, culture, and unique challenges are all properly addressed, setting the stage for them to reach their fullest potential.
With her unique background and career trajectory, Wendy’s superpower is seeing connections that others may not recognize by combining the scientific, analytical side of her brain with the creative, innovative side, resulting in solid and inspired executional strategies stemming from a systems thinking approach. 
Outside of the office, Wendy enjoys outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, and camping, as well as spending quality time with her daughter, and performing alongside her band (yes, she sings!). 
She’s passionate about health, nutrition, and fitness, and the development of technologies which support sustainable living and business practices. She also serves as a volunteer on the Executive Committee of the Sierra Club’s North County Coasters chapter as the Marketing & Communications Director, and presents panel discussions and educational presentations about the development of Community Choice Energy around San Diego County.