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Tagline Development

There's much more to building, launching, and growing a successful brand than just having a logo or a website. A Tagline (a.k.a. Brand Essence Statement) is another key piece of the puzzle to quickly reinforce what your new startup brand is all about, and more importantly, Why it exists.

After unpacking Why your brand exists, how it will positively alter your unique buying tribe's lives, who you're talking to, and what it stands for, successful tagline development -- something we also call a "Brand Essence" statement due to taglines' shifting importance in today's digital marketing landscape -- delivers on a key next step: a short, memorable way for audiences to engage with your brand.

A successful tagline, or brand essence statement, will reinforce a company's mission and purpose-led by a powerful Why. It is often a key driver of brand awareness and logo/brandmark reinforcement. From a slightly more technical standpoint, your tagline is the next layer of extrapolation from your brandmark/logo alone, providing context and power in just a few well-crafted and tightly-knit words.