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Vanessa S. - Marketing + Social Media Manager

Vanessa grew up in north San Diego. She took an awesome and unexpected “life detour” by living in both NYC and Portland, Oregon for a decade as a part of her career beginnings before recently returning to coastal Southern California.
Her career first started in the field of Medical Research, transitioning later into Medical Equipment sales to hospitals and laboratories throughout the U.S. 
During the first part of her career, she successfully managed accounts in the Northeast, Northwest and Western regions of the U.S.  Her keen soft skills served her well, enabling her to successfully build long-term relationships with accounts and their key contacts, giving careful attention to the nuances and needs of each client along the way.  

As things progressed, Vanessa managed $2M+ territories, and worked with prestigious accounts such as Stanford, Cedars-Sinai, UCLA, and USC.  She was instrumental in, and strategically led, her company in closing the first two accounts in the U.S. for the new diabetes test (Hb A1c), the most notable being the coveted Stanford Hospital account.  

Vanessa also picked up a few awards along the way: Impact Player of the Year and Sales Rep of the Year.  After 10+ years in Medical Sales, she decided it was time for a life change and decided to pursue a career in marketing.  

Her previously honed skills in project management, communication, and strategic planning, coupled with a creative mindset, dovetail quite perfectly into the realm of marketing, it turns out.  Vanessa is passionate about understanding WHY consumers are drawn to certain products & brands, and how she can help brand managers, founders, and marketers fulfill the unmet needs of their target segment.  

A student of the details, her drive to pursue a career change led her to go after an MBA with a focus in digital marketing and entrepreneurship through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

When Vanessa isn’t working, she can be found hiking, hanging at the beach or honing her photography talents (she's particularly fond of capturing street art).  She’s also an avid scuba diver, diving every chance she gets…in search of sharks! (seriously!)  

She’s got a serious case of wanderlust too: she's traveled to 30 countries, and loves to encourage others to break out of their comfort zones and go explore the world!