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Everyday Noble Clothing Announces Exclusive Clothing Collaboration with Crown the Empire

Streetwear brand and Vans Warped Tour headliner to join forces for limited edition apparel release at 2013 Tour.

Los Angeles, CA. June 20, 2013 - Everyday Noble Clothing took another big step in the expansion of their growing streetwear brand this week when they announced a collaboration with post-hardcore band Crown the Empire. The growing clothing brand will sponsor the band as they kick off the summer music scene on the 2013 Warped Tour beginning on June 15th.


For Josh Reed, Founder of Everyday Noble Clothing, the opportunity to partner with Crown the Empire is an exciting one for a number of reasons. “When we look at sponsorship opportunities, we try to team up with people we believe in,” says Reed. “And this is a band that's out there carving their own lane in a major way.

“With Crown the Empire, the relationship made sense. They are out there making their own mark and pulling no punches, and in that we find kindred spirits. Having grown up in the hardcore/post-hardcore scene myself, my roots run deep in this arena and it bleeds through in each and every one of our pieces that we put out, including this very special collaborative release with the band.”

As a part of their collaboration with Crown the Empire, they will be releasing a limited edition t-shirt and tank just in time for the start of the Warped Tour. The piece will not be available online or in stores, but rather, it will be available exclusively at Crown the Empire’s booth for the duration of the Vans Warped Tour, which rolls across the U.S. from June 15th to August 4th.

Crown the Empire is no stranger to the spotlight themselves, having been featured on the cover of the latest issue of "Alternative Press Magazine", as well as recently releasing their debut album, “The Fallout” (Rise Records), to critical acclaim and, in part, earning them a headlining slot on one of the summer's hottest and longest running touring music festivals.

“This really seemed like the perfect time for these two groups to come together,” says Reed. “Crown the Empire is doing big things night-in, night-out, and we really vibe with what they have to say.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for Everyday Noble Clothing, and it’ll be cool to see where the collaboration takes all of us in the future.”

About Everyday Noble Clothing

Everyday Noble Clothing is a streetwear brand that produces men's and women's apparel that includes t-shirts, snapbacks, hoodies and more for the game-changers and revolutionaries who never stop trying to leave their unique mark on this world. To learn more about Everyday Noble Clothing or the Everyday Noble Clothing Skate Team, visit