Kansas City, MO. April 24, 2012 - Everyday Noble Clothing, an upstart streetwear clothing brand, is announcing a four-month long giveaway contest for their Spring 2012 clothing line.

Each month starting now in April through the end of July, Everyday Noble Clothing will present a monthly winner with a free item from the clothing brand’s Spring 2012 collection. Entrants can enter the giveaway contest by visiting the Everyday Noble Clothing Facebook page at facebook.com/everydaynoble, clicking the “Monthly Giveaway Contest” tab, “liking” the page, and then completing the brief registration form.

“Everyday Noble Clothing worked with HypeLife Brands on a successful launch of the brand in February, so we’re happy to continue our work together for this contest as well as marketing our brand at large,” said Everyday Noble Clothing’s Founder Josh Reed. “The brand stands for a lot, including high quality in its products plus standing strong in the face of adversity and the tests life always sends our way. We’re simply happy to support and reward our awesome fans in return. We want them to know that we’re about more than just selling clothing under our brand, our fans are our brand.”

Launched in February 2012, Everyday Noble Clothing believes that through the power of nobility, passion and determination, the lineage you leave starts with the mark you make. Nobility isn’t something you inherit; it is a mindset and a series of choices a person makes everyday. 

“Social media campaigns are a critical piece of any brand’s marketing efforts, especially when our goal is to help our clients connect with the youth market,” said Curt Cuscino, principal of HypeLife Brands, Everyday Noble Clothing’s agency of record. “We’re excited about our continued work with Everyday Noble Clothing and are eager to help take the brand to the next level.”

Based in Kansas City, Mo. and Los Angeles, Ca., HypeLife Brands specializes in helping lifestyle brands engage Millennials. The agency creates branding, marketing and social media campaigns for their clients in industries including fashion, streetwear, music, film/entertainment and extreme sports, among other industries.


About HypeLife Brands

HypeLife Brands is a leading brand and startup marketing agency focused on helping brands engage the youth market, specifically Generation Y and Millennials. Key client industries include apparel and streetwear, musicians and recording artists, entertainment and extreme sports.

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