San Diego, CA. February 09, 2021 - HypeLife Brands is a startup marketing agency committed to bringing new startup concepts to life alongisde our visionary, entreprenurial clients, and marketing them into a thriving future. We live for building, launching, and growing startups entering challenging spaces ripe for disruption, and bringing new brand concepts to market for first-mover businesses across the U.S. 

Recognizing our level of commitment to our clients and their goals, Ad World Masters has honored us with a Gold Agency of the Year Award for 2020, adding another much appreciated feather in our cap.
Ad World Masters’ AI algorithms analyzed more than 160 data points per agency to calculate its score. The outcome of this score determines the agency's potential on the digital and human-controlled data parameters of client review scores, web performance, SEO, social media, cumulative awards, and more. Ad World Masters then promotes and awards the best agencies through an analysis of fact-based, objective data.
HypeLife Brands received this prestigious honor by achieving a high score of 9.2, which is a truly remarkable feat (if you don’t mind us saying), beating out more than 11,400 digital marketing and advertising agencies across the country.

About Ad World Masters

Simply put, Ad World Masters acts as a bridge between clients and agencies. It propagates brand awareness and helps marketers sift through many options to connect with high-quality agencies--all accurately scored so the client can decide which would best cater to their comprehensive marketing needs.
They create a sphere of heightened agency discoverability for both marketers and agencies all over the globe. This helps the clients find their potential agency partners, saving time that they can spend collaborating and growing their brands instead, whether the business is a new startup brand, or in the market for many years. Ad World Masters is one of the largest global platforms for agency rankings.
So far, they have collaborated and partnered with 11,400+ agencies and counting, spread over 182 countries with an average agency size of 62, making them a genuinely world-class option for sifting through the masses.

Ad World Masters and HypeLife Brands

HypeLife Brands is proud to be an associate with the Ad World Masters USA region, one of the top 10 awarded countries globally. Our association with Ad World Masters is nothing new. We are also the proud winners of the Bronze 2019 Agency of the Year for the prior year, with a score of 8.5. We were determined to improve and better our ranking in 2020, a commitment which we fulfilled by winning the Gold award this year.
This award would not have been possible without our knowledgeable team's foresight, talent, and hard work. The level of commitment, the thirst for innovation, and the desire to excel make the team of HypeLife Brands numero uno when it comes to consumer-facing, marketing agencies for startups and challenger brands alike looking to powerfully engage Millennials. 

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

No company can progress or exist without its clients. As a startup marketing agency, HypeLife Brands is no exception to this rule. There are not enough words to thank our amazing and unique clients, past and present, who, for the last 20 years, have been the pillar of our support and a guiding light to our constant improvement as the uniquely positioned brand development and marketing agency that we are.
Our clients and their unshakable faith in our startup marketing agency motivate us to improve every day.
Here are just a few testimonial highlights from our inspirational clients who have outperformed in their startup, and who are thought leaders and role models in their own niches.
La’Shion Robinson, Founder of HUDL Music, a man with incredible business and music industry acumen & vision, has these words to describe his experience engaging and working with HypeLife Brands:
"Their commitment to HUDL Music and my original vision never wavered, and they took it to a place that's better than anything I'd built in my head. For that, and so many other reasons, I'm so excited about continuing our partnership with HypeLife Brands and working to grow HUDL Music into a brand that stands the test of time.”
Nadine Ramos, Founder & CEO of LASIO Professional Haircare, an internationally-distributed haircare line with both B2B and B2C arms, said: "When I found HypeLife Brands, I had an instant feeling of ‘this could be the agency for us’ the moment I came across their website. Everything spoke to my company's needs, both where we're at now, and how we need to grow and evolve."
Harvey Kong, Co-Founder of GoodFetch, keeps it short and sweet in his experience working with us:
"From day one with HypeLife Brands, the scope of engagement has been very clear. ‘Professional’ sums it up in one word, to say the least.”
Alison Pandelos, Managing Director of GROM-IT, shared her own success story: "After years of struggling with companies that were unprofessional and wasted my time and money, I was on the verge of throwing in the towel. Then I came across Curt and the HypeLife Brands team." 

Alison also shared "Our website registrations, traffic, and participation have steadily increased. Our social media following — which is very important to our brand and was a huge struggle for us to manage on our own — has gone from an audience of less than 1,500 to over 58,000 followers (and not the paid-for garbage). This has also increased overall activity on our website — activity that is both global and high quality — and really helped us build a focused community."   
Other clients also shared these kind words: “Curt and his team are professional, extremely knowledgeable, consistent, and genuinely care about our company/brand and our long-term success.”
These words from our inspiring clients motivate us to push harder every day, setting our bar of excellence even higher. Their success gives us the most pride and defines us as an agency.
HypeLife Brands is a leading brand development and startup marketing agency specializing in helping B2C/DTC lifestyle startups and challenger brands powerfully engage the Millennial generation.
HypeLife serves a select roster of clients across the U.S. focusing on disruptive B2C/DTC lifestyle startups and challenger brands in industries such as music & entertainment, surf/skate, insurance, fintech, world-changers, and beyond.
Founded in 2001, HypeLife is headquartered in Oceanside, California's Downtown Arts District.